Pre Qualify

Items Needed at Time of Aplication

1. Current Pay check stub covering current 30 day period.
2. Name, address, telephone number of employers for last 2 years.
3. Copy of last three months bank statements (all open accounts).
4. Copy of Drivers license and Social Security card, all borrowers.
5. W-2″s and Federal Tax Returns for the last two years.
6. Mortgage statements & Rental Agreements (if applicable).
7. Notes for all real estate owned.
8. Complete copies of Divorce with Final Judgement.
9. Self Employed or 24 months bank statements.
10. Complete copies of Bankruptcy with discharge.
11. Initial award letter for Social Security, Pension or other income.
12. Name, address and phone numbers of landlord(s) for last 2 years.
  • Items Needed At Time of Application